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PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2013 3:31 pm
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I had dreams about this fight last night, so this morning before heading to work I pulled the boss a couple times and after sleeping on it was able to pull it off.

Kill in HD is here:

misc images:


I don't see how any of these are in any way optional.

Gear and stats
This represents 3 PVE pieces and a malevolent belt that had hit on it. Also I have a 200hit food buff in these stats. I have tyrannical rings, everything else S13 Malev.

For Bob and anyone else trying this quest...

this is how I made the felhounds work for me. Obviously you can see it in the video, but basically it was really important to get them all pointed one way and have the pit lord behind them. I STOLE BOB'S TACTIC basically in order to kill these mofos: Conflag first, havoc first, re-apply rain of fire to pickup third felpup, target second felpup -> chaos bolt, shadowfury them all, target third fel pup, start casting chaos bolt, pit lord charge/fel breath, hit third pup with chaos bolt, use shadowfury/fel flame to finish them off.


This is how I setup my port and my gates. Basically one thing that I kept fucking up on was I'd port but be facing some random direction and miss my gate. You can't use the gate glyph because you really want your port as close to mid as possible since you tend to be running around and want to have maximum reach when getting to your gate.



BAM! 14 wipes, killed on 15th pull!

Bob was right - you basically have to spec a certain way and unless you have ridiculous PVE gear, you'll need some of those purification pots and will have to use specific tactics.

The fight is incredibly fun though, I'd recommend levelling a lock, learning how to play and gearing him in order to try this scenario/fight.

[warlock] [paladin]

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