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PostPosted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:28 pm
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Lolotov is currently at 549 ilevel, some notes:

- legendary cloak
- 502 + 522 trinkets
- 540 weapon
- 2pc tier 15 (whatever latest tier is)
- self buffed with spells, target only has self-debuffs.
- test does not use havoc or shadowburn

Destruction has crazy good AOE, sick even. Really it should be nerfed. My single target is insanely different though. I know you've all heard me complain about my burst without embers, and today while messing around with another addon, I decided to take some screenshots of my DPS in graph form to give you some visual representation to what my DPS is doing during a normal fight.

Here is a graph some random lead-in to burst. Typically you want to start banking embers, save your chaos bolts for your big CDs and then blow your load during cooldowns and trinket procs. You can see I let off a chaos bolt below - an intellect trinket had proc'd and I was nearly full on embers, but my cooldowns weren't back up yet, so I had to buy some time. Pretty normal.


Next is a graph of my burst. Note that my DPS at the left side of the graph is during my first cast of chaos bolt, and the DPS drops to SHIT during that first cast, but then gets GODLIKE while I'm blowing through my embers:


...and here you can see the dramatic drop in DPS once I'm done bursting. I'm back to zero embers (usually) and it's time to start banking embers again.


Hopefully this shows a little bit why I'm such a kill-stealing mofo in PVP - embers make my DPS and survivability insane. This is also why on certain fights my DPS will vary by 100k or so - single target with no adds I will pull in current gear around 160k. If there are adds I can snipe with Shadowburn (I get a free ember, yay!), or cleave with havoc (chaos bolt or shadowburn) my DPS can really go up.

As a side note, half of doing Challenge Modes (and Proving Grounds: Endless) as a destruction warlock is saving or blowing your embers at the right time and executing as many mobs as possible with shadowburn.

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