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PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:59 pm
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Note: I have created a spreadsheet with time goals for each CM run.

Challenge Mode - The Everbloom

This one is definitely the tightest DPS check, and in order to get gold we are going to have to be a lot more aggressive in a couple of our pulls. Now, the plus side to that is that it’s the first two pulls so it’s easy to reset when we mess it up without wasting too much time. We are also going to be able to skip a full trash pull that I’ve been pulling.

First, we will need to pull the first and second trash groups together. This pull will suck badly. We will need to chain our aoe stuns/disorients/etc in order to not die. I’ll be popping all of my survivability cooldowns, as well as my Incarnation cooldown for this pack, and doing some dancing around to try not be in front of them for them to hit me.

The third pack that we usually pull, we will be able to skip by running around them down the path, and then going up the hill to their left instead of behind them. This will save us some time and not affect our mob count!

Unfortunately in order to get gold we will have to pull the entire room for the first boss. Again, we’ll have to chain our aoe stuns/disorients and interrupts. There are 4 menders, and we will each get one assigned to us for specific healing interrupts. The aoe’s can be used to mass-interrupt the leaf barrages. Kaesden’s AoE grip will be amazing for both this pull, as well as the first one I think!

Hero & dps pots on first boss as soon as he dries out. Our goal will be to have him dead or nearly dead by the time he’s out. We may want to extend this phase by having weeds spawn? Worth considering; if their attacks aren’t too bad, maybe we can ignore them and let them beat on whoever if it’s healable.

Witherbark: Engage by 15m00s. Goal fight duration 1m30s. Our best is 1m34s. We’re right on track for killing him; we need to shave I think close to 2 minutes on the trash leading up to him.

Ancient Protectors: We need to down them faster. Our goal is to engage by 12m50s, and have them down in about 2m15s. Our best attempt is 3m07s.

So how do we do this?

First, we need to do more cleave damage. This means I need to work on my boss positioning. One thing that we’ve been missing is that Dulhu has twice the health as the other two. So positioning so that we can better cleave would work in our favour. Oddly none of the videos I’ve watched seem to have had much of a problem with these guys. One suggests ignoring interrupts Briarskin and Bramble Patch altogether (possibly starting after Gola is down), and simply dispelling everything we can as it’s applied.

We can shave a lot of time off of the mage boss by taking advantage of downtime during the spider boss encounter. By taking advantage of Oghma’s misdirect, he can go grab 3 of the mage trash and bring them down to us to fight while we wait for the spider to drop down. Also, there’s a chance that we can save some damage by resetting the fight, as apparently the pale ones don’t spawn if it’s reset. Not sure if that’s really a big deal since it’s all timed anyway. However, we will be fighting 3 mages at the same time.

Xeri’tac: Engage by 8m00s (when he drops). We want to kill him in 1m05s. Our best time is 2:32 according to DBM; I’ll have to check next time we go in to see when that timer actually starts as I am not sure if that time includes the timed portion or not.

The trash before the mage boss should be easier, because we’ve already killed 3 of them at this point. That means we will have the 3 surrounding the boss, and 1-2 pats remaining. We will have to pull these together, so we will want to do our chain aoe stuns as much as we can on this group. Biggest priority is the Dragon’s Breath. There will only be 1-2 clones that spawn (since they don’t spawn from the ones linked to the boss), so we can kill those last. We will hero on this boss and pop every damn cooldown we have to get her down asap.

Archmage Sol: Engage by 5m10s. Aiming for a 1m45s kill time. Our best is 2m20s, so we’ve got a bit to work on there. Remember dps pots.

The cool thing by this point is, we’ll either be at our mob count, or 1 short. If we are short, we will run up and focus down a single mob from the last group. Ignore everything but that mob, ignore the clone that spawns after. Run through the portal and engage the last boss.

Yalnu: Engage by 2m50s. Goal is 2m10s for a kill (well, obviously anything less than 2m50s at this point). We will ignore adds (including flowers) for any that spawn when he is less than 15-20%.


This is, time-wise, probably the most difficult one. There is very little, if any, room for error. It’s gonna suck. BUT, if we have the DPS for this one, we can get the rest of them too.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:46 pm
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Wow. That spreadsheet rules.

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