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PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:15 am
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Note: I have created a spreadsheet with time goals for each CM run.

Challenge Mode: Iron Docks

Okay! I’m thinking maybe we put aside Everbloom for a bit. While I was watching various videos for the time spreadsheet, I thought that Iron Docks seemed like the most fun to do because it’s going to use some mechanics in a greatly amusing way. To me at least! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

The first pulls are going to be big, but careful. We need to kill 28 mobs before the first boss. I’d like to try to skip at least one of those mini bosses, I think. My goal is to stealth in there before the weekend and do a count to see what I need to pull and what can be left alone. We have about 4 minutes to down those mobs before we should be pulling the first boss.

Fleshrender Nok’gar: We will hero on the pull to get him off the mount quickly. This guy gets the red bubble around him, so we can’t be dps’ing him (or we get feared); however, if Holy can bop Sal, he’ll be able to continue dps’ing through at least one of those for added damage on him. We’ll end up at the base of the stairs by the next set of big ass mobs. We have about 1m45s to kill him.

This is where it gets fun (I of course say this before we try it, but I want to do this every time we go in there on a random dungeon too haha). While Holy is drinking and recovering mana, I’m going to mount up and aggro the two big ogron and get them to follow me down into the area where the iron stars are. A couple of dps will go and get into an iron star, and one star will be used to kill these ogron (someone has to tag them prior to being hit or it won’t count). I will keep mounted and run down and around the corner to grab the next two packs of mobs and bring them back to be killed by another iron star. Again, they will have to be tagged for the kill to count.

Next, we will have 2 packs of mobs in the Bombardment area. Turns out, they take as much damage as we do (if we stood in it, which we won’t. But they will!). So our goal will be to position them so they are on the outside of the crates, while we take cover behind the crates. I’m thinking a combination of typhoon and OG’s sleep trap could work really well there. All of this will take about 4 ½ minutes. Which brings us to….

Grimrail Enforcers: This is the same fight as on heroic. We will focus down Ahri’ok until she has a red bubble, then switch to Neesa, and then back once the bubble is off. Ideally, I’ll be able to group these 3 so that we can do as much aoe cleave damage as possible. Once we have those 2 down, we will have just Makogg left and at this point, I’d like to get a dps (probably OG with his misdirect) to go grab 2 mobs from the top of the stairs past the boss and drag them down into the fight. This will lengthen the boss fight a bit, but he’s basically a trash mob with extra hp at this point without his buddies anyway, and it will shorten the amount of time spent on the next trash pulls. Should have it all down in about 2m20s in any case.

We’re going to pull one more trash pack, I think, that brings us to our mob count, and then we are going to totally pull a cheese move. Yeah, I’m going to allow for the cheese in order to keep our dps potions available and not use the invis pots. So what we’re going to do, once we hit our mob count, is mount up and run through every damn last trash mob until we get into the large open area with the cat boss. And we’re going to have someone (either Holy or myself) soulstoned, and we are going to wipe and rez up. It’ll be great. We’ll have about 2 minutes total between bosses.

Oshir: Seems like this guy should be straightforward. I changed the spreadsheet a bit, because I think this may be the better boss to pop our second Hero on instead of the last boss. He has the same abilities; just focus fire him down and we won’t have a problem with his feeding frenzy. It appears that we should be able to CC the add that gets released, perhaps a frost trap, and the add despawns after the boss is down, so beyond CC, we should be able to straight up ignore it. We’ve got about 1m30s to get him down.

There is no trash between him and the last boss.

Skulloc: Same fight as heroic. We have to be quick on re-engaging him after the knockback, and remember that the fight isn’t over until all 3 (him plus the two little guys) are dead, so cleave, cleave, cleave as much as you can.

And that’s it!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 1:17 pm
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 1:37 pm
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thanks! holy fuck that was a lot more difficult than I hoped it would be!


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