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PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:06 pm
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Hey guys,

So back at the end of MoP, a guy made up a really cool spreadsheet that can keep track of raid lockouts, gear, legendary questline progress and some other things. He's updated it to 6.2, and it's pretty sweet.

I updated a copy of it for our raid roster (it's set to automatically refresh to whatever your current gear is, so a lot of us are showing much lower ilvl than usual due to 660 PvP gear).

I also made made my own separate sheet for personal use to keep track of my growing list of druid alts (I suppose I should add the rest in there too haha), so even if you have no use of looking at our raid roster, it's extremely handy for us altoholics trying to juggle various quest lines and whatnot.

Current Raid Roster

Get your own copy for your alts. :)


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