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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:33 pm
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Overall Stats
I recorded about 100 matches from before this last season. They are included in the total. Hopefully I won't reset my data between now and Legion Season 1 to get a longer running data set of our win ratio.


Individual Maps

Warsong Gulch - Never lost on Sundays and Thursdays.

Arathi Basin - Never won on a Tuesday

Eye Of The Storm - Never lost on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Alterac Valley - Not a PVP map so not worth drawing any conclusion here.

Battle For Gilneas - Never lost on a Wednesday

Twin Peaks - Never lost on a Wednesday. Nearly never lost on Monday and Friday.

Silvershard Shithole - Never lost on Sunday or Thursday. Never won on Wednesday.

Temple of Kotmogu - Never lost on Wednesday. Never won on Tuesday.

Deepwind Gorge - Avoided this one a lot, only recently went back in to get 100 wins for "Gorgeous" title. Not much can be drawn from this data.

Strand Of Shitty Vehicles - Avoided this one a lot as well, not much worth drawing from here.


  • Best nights to BG: Wednesday and Thursday
  • Worst nights to BG: Tuesdays
  • Map with best win ratio: Eye Of The Storm
  • Map with worst win ratio: Deepwind Gorge
  • Map with most wins: Twin Peaks
  • Map with most losses: Deepwind Gorge

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