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PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:32 pm
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This thread discusses some of the strategy in how to pick targets and what to do when swapping targets: ... ling-Guide

Some interesting bits:
- Casters tend to make better target callers due to not being in the shit like melee.
- This guy recommended the following 'priority list':

I fully agree on the fact that targetcalling is mostly situational and that you always need to try to swap on overextended people, however my order would probably be
Dpriest>Destro Lock>Fdk>Warrior>Rshaman>Demo Lock>Balance Druid>Spriest>Rogue>Mage>Rdruid>Hunter>Hpala>Mw Monk

Idea is dpriests are easy targets, destro locks are very dangerous, frosk dks are very dangerous (to our healers/people getting healed) etc. Rshaman are second heals to get bursted because they spend a lot of time casting whereas other healers have lots of instants.

Another REALLY good point is to strategically NOT kill people:

Rogues die rather quick, but don't deal much damage and are only annoying, they are not important AND beside that, killing a rogue+dd in the beginning, you force a stealth inc, and the normal flag defender (including myself) cannot handle stealth inc by rogue + xy. So do not kill rogues in the beginning.

Note: The more up to date version of the addon mentioned is Atemi:

[warlock] [paladin]

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